Ten Most Anticipated Romances For First Half Of 2016


Ten Most Anticipated Romances For First Half Of 2016



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Book Resolution 2016

First of all, i would like to say Happy New Year! I hope all of you will have a great year ahead. Today, i will write about my goals for 2016 and what i want to achieve not only on reading but also blogging 🙂

ϟ Read 50 books

I aim to read 50 book last year but i wasn’t able to keep track so this year, i want to aim for 50 books and make sure i keep track of what i read through this blog.

ϟ Complete 5 series 

I have so many series that i have yet to start for example The Selection and The Lunar Chronicles so i decided to set a goal of completing 5 series next year.

ϟ Read more romance contemporary

I always wanted to read more contemporary however, my love for fantasy stopped me. So, i felt that i should try other genres other than fantasy.

ϟ Read historical fiction

I have always wanted to read historical fiction but i didn’t know what are some of the good books in the genre historical fiction. Next year, i will look at some recommendation for historical fiction and try some

ϟ Write a review on every book i read on this blog

I’m afraid i will neglect this site in the near future so i decided to post a review on every book i read to make sure i post here regularly

ϟ Read more fantasy

Like i said, fantasy is my favourite genre so i want to read more fantasy next year! And I’m glad that i decided to join the Flights of Fantasy challenge 🙂

ϟ Save more money

You might think that is has nothing related to books however it does. I wanted to save money as netflix is coming to my country next year and also my books has always been bought by my mother so i decided to save some money to buy books with my own money.

Thats all for my book resolution next year! Happy new year!! Hope you have a great year ahead.

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Series I’m Ashamed To Say I Haven’t Read Yet

There are so many books out there that i want to read but i just didn’t have the time or determination to finish! So today, i decided to gather 5 series that I’m ashamed to say i haven’t read. Please don’t be mad!!

1. Percy Jackson & the Olympians


I know i know. I need to read this. So many booktuber and blogger has been talking about this series but i just couldn’t get to it. I have only read the first half of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

2. The Lunar Chronicles


There is so much hype for this series yet i haven’t even bought it. Its time to buy some books.

3.Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children


I owned all 3 books but i have yet to get to it… once again, ashamed.

4. Throne Of Glass


Yet another series that had so much hype around it. But don’t worry i bought the first book today i will get to it soon!

5. Twilight


I can’t believe its been 10 years since the release of twilight and i haven’t read the book or even watch the movies. I must say, i am ashamed.

So, that is the end of my post today. Please no hate guys! I will try my best to read most of this soon:)


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